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Changing the Game in Payroll & Workman's Compensation

At Echo Group Staffing, we strive to exceed your expectations by breaking barriers and changing the game. If you need help with hiring, payroll, compliance, or benefits administration, contact us. We’re available to help you navigate even the most difficult human resources issues.

HR Management Solutions

We can take on your day-to-day HR needs such as offer letters, background checks, onboarding, employee records management, and more. We’re a highly organized and detail-oriented team with years of proven success. Have questions about health care or federal/state law summaries? Call us today. 

About Us

Our core principles shape our efforts. We are dedicated to our clients, and they benefit from our success. Find out for yourself. Call us today.  


temporary and full time hires

How we go above


  • All temporary workers can become permanent at no additional cost.
  • We provide quick solutions for short and long term vacancies.
  • We improve productivity including work overloads, while preventing employee burn-out.

What we offer


  • Payroll Services
  • Workman Compensation 
  • Supplemental and/or temporary workers
  • Direct placement
  • Roll-overs
  • Vendor on premise

...and many more benefits

Contact Us

We understand that each company has unique HR needs. Feel free to message or call us with any specifics.

Your time is valuable, and we will make sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

Echo Group Staffing

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